Ex Machina Flies Away

Posted by on Aug 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

I just read the final issue of Ex Machina, the comic series by Brian K Vaughn and Tony Harris. The ending was compact and alluded to many of the threads woven into the 50 issue series that began back in 2004, but it was much more of a downer than I expected. We find out that Hundred actually might have been a homo with Bradbury’s weird Brokeback Mountain moment and BKV comes back to his suicidal tendencies (ahem Yorick Brown) with the demise of Kremlin. I found the twist finale a bit contrite and forced. I have to admit the meta-references about stories ending and comics were also bit too much for me. But, now that BKV is moving on to film, I can seem why his work is so reflective and kinda sad. R.I.P. Ex Machina, thanks for a great run~