Out with the Old and In with the New

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Out with the Old and In with the New

It’s 2012, the year of the dragon, and I have nearly completed my second graphic novel. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride and this site has been sorely neglected. But, all that’s about to change. Stay tuned for a new look and new content! Live Lively- JTW

Reboots, Ultimates, and Debt Ceilings

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Marvel revamped their roster over 10 years ago with the Ultimates line. Now DC has pressed the reset button on their universe and I can’t help but wonder if our reality is next? Isn’t all this hoopla about tax reform about simplifying the code and making it more accessible? And what about the debt our nation has accrued? What […]

Check out Morning Glories

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One of the sleeper hits in comicdom of the last year was Image’s, Morning Glories.The mysterious tale of a boarding school for special teens does a great job of revitalizing the cliched plot scenario we’ve all seen before. But something about the dialogue and the art works. I couldn’t put the first tradepaper back down […]

Purim Is Just Around The Corner!

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Yep, it’s that season again when all things related to Esther, Purim, and hamentaschen are in vogue! And just in time for the holiday I am pleased to announce that Megillat Esther, the first graphic novel adaptation of the Book of Esther, is back in print! Supplies are limited so please order your copy today […]

A System of Comics by Groensteen

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A System of Comics by Groensteen

If you’re an academic and into literary theory then Thierry Groensteen is not a foreign name to you. For the rest of us he’s just a funny sounding guy that reminds me actually of Thievery Corporation for some reason. Anyway, Groensteen is a Belgian writer who has devised a theory and system of understanding comics […]

Litgraphic: The World of the Graphic Novel

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I recently visited the Michener Art Museum just outside of Philly. In their traveling gallery they had an exhibition dedicated to comic book illustrations. Titled, Litgraphic: The World of Graphic Novels, the show included works by Dave Sim, Jessica Abel, Peter Kuper and probably a dozen other artists. I have mixed feelings about the exhibition. […]

Hello Me!

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Today marks my official return as a full-time comix creator. Gone are the staff meetings and board room drama- to be replaced by dirty finger nails and deadlines. I’m shifting gears and putting comix on the front burner and Jewish ed-tech is taking a back seat. Stay tuned to this blog for more news about […]

Ex Machina Flies Away

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I just read the final issue of Ex Machina, the comic series by Brian K Vaughn and Tony Harris. The ending was compact and alluded to many of the threads woven into the 50 issue series that began back in 2004, but it was much more of a downer than I expected. We find out […]

I’m A Little Hedgehog …

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It’s been a rough few weeks. Life has gone a bit haywire and I’m now seeking balance and focus to move forward. The wise words of my friend Avi, reminded me of the wisdom of hedgehogs, their indomitable focus, and their record for success. The book I am working on with Harvey Pekar is moving forward and […]

My Harvey Year: Part III

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I just got the news. I’m actually shaking as I type these words. My role model, my friend, and my collaborator is gone. We hadn’t spoken in a week because of the 4th of July holiday. I was planning on calling him this afternoon to discuss pages 65-100 of the script. I miss your voice […]