Sexual Healing with Peaches

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Anyone who really knows me is aware of my obsessive devotion to the artist known as Peaches. Since 2001, I have been following her musical career and I have attended three live shows and plan on seeing a fourth in two weeks. Musician, activist, teacher, performance artist, she’s the real deal. She’s my Dalî and […]

New Warriors…heroes for the 90s?!

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So I have just reread the first 36 issues of Marvel’s New Warriors comic book series. Released during my freshman year of highschool in 1990, I quickly dropped the book once I got to college and the art and strorylines got even more ridiculous and lackluster. This was the first time I reread the adventures […]

Wacky Sun Worshipping and other odd Jewish Traditions

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So in a scant few hours the sun will be at the exact point it was when God created it on the Fourth Day of Creation. Every 28 years at dawn the sun returns to its point of origin and installation.  It is a moment of awe where we give thanks for the life and […]

Waxing philosophical at the local comix shop

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The bond between a man and his local comic book store is mysterious and awkward. The ritual of return for the sequential art fix is ripe with potential. You never know who might join the conversation that flows from pychotropic drug references to favorite scenes from the Incredibles. Where else can you hear a sassy […]