The Best Comix of 2011

Posted by on Dec 29, 2011 in Comix
The Best Comix of 2011

I’m a pretty selective comix reader. I have been for (yikes) 30 years. Some books I read in trade paperback, others as ongoing monthlies, while some I even special-order online. Here’s my list of top picks for 2011. The biggest surprise is the dominance of Image comics, which has been putting out some really wild stuff. They are pushing the boundaries in comix these days and their books are testimony. This year I discovered artists like Fiona Staples and Francis Manapul. While Nick Spencer came out of nowhere and has totally replaced my BKV ( sorry dude, you’ve been otta the game) fix. Okay, so without further ado, The Best Comix of 2011:

10. Butcher Baker the Righteous Maker (Image) – For those of us that live balls in the wind.
9. Xombi (DC)- If you like puns, Korean-Americans, and transpersonal psychology, then this is for you!
8. Our Love is Real (Self-published and now Image) Rick Santorum’s nightmare sci-fi.
7. Batwoman (DC)- With art like this and solid character development you’d be crazy not to love it.
6. Unwritten (Vertigo) – Collective fictional subconsciousness, wrap your head around that one!
5. Irredeemable (Boom)- Shrinks are using it to reform wayward youth, and the story is twisted fun.
4. Halcyon (Image)- The best philosophical comic dressed as a super-hero.
3. Infinite Vacation (Image) – Brilliant concept, gorgeous art, artistic self-mutilation at its best.
2. Uncanny X-Force (Marvel) – RICK REMENDER I LOVE YOU~
1. Morning Glories (Image) – Hands down the most addictive read of the year. Imagine a school for kids like Walt from Lost (season 1) yeah- it’s awesome~

The header is from Xombi #1- Damn that was a fun comic