The Queering of the X-Men

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The Queering of the X-Men

Growing up as a reader of the X-men in the 1980s I easily recognized them as the outsiders of the Marvel universe. There was a counter-culture vibe to them because their members (at the time) sported mohawks, funny accents, and they tended to drink more booze than the Avengers or family friendly Fantastic Four. Then […]

My Harvey Year- Part IV

Posted by on Mar 24, 2011 in Comix

As you may know, I am currently working on one of the last books by Harvey Pekar. People often ask me, “How do you work with someone if they’re…well dead?” The answer is obviously complicated and wrapped up in some emotions. Harvey and I started this project in 2007, we went through two different scripts before we […]

My favorite Comix of 2010

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My favorite Comix of 2010

I figured I’d give a whirl with the year-end tradition of listing things that I like and decided to list my 10 favorite comix of the past year. I include, comic books, trade paperbacks, zines, and graphic novels in my list. So here goes: 1. Planetary 2. Stumptown 3. Atomic Robo 4. New Mutants 5. Unwritten 6. Gaylord […]

A System of Comics by Groensteen

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A System of Comics by Groensteen

If you’re an academic and into literary theory then Thierry Groensteen is not a foreign name to you. For the rest of us he’s just a funny sounding guy that reminds me actually of Thievery Corporation for some reason. Anyway, Groensteen is a Belgian writer who has devised a theory and system of understanding comics […]

I’m A Little Hedgehog …

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It’s been a rough few weeks. Life has gone a bit haywire and I’m now seeking balance and focus to move forward. The wise words of my friend Avi, reminded me of the wisdom of hedgehogs, their indomitable focus, and their record for success. The book I am working on with Harvey Pekar is moving forward and […]

My Harvey Year – Part II

Posted by on Jun 11, 2010 in Comix

The untitled graphic novel that I am working on with Harvey Pekar is moving along nicely. Working with Harvey is a pleasure. He calls me about once or twice a week to check in and/or read me new versions of the script. He’s always gracious on the phone and I am always smiling when I […]

My Harvey Year

Posted by on Feb 5, 2010 in Comix

Last week at this time I was meeting Harvey Pekar at the Cleveland Heights Public Library on Lee Road. We sat in the front foyer by the vending machines and the books that were for sale. Harvey introduced me to Carole, one of the librarians. He encouraged me to look over the books and assured […]

Twitter Memes and Random Thoughts

Posted by on Dec 14, 2009 in Comix, esoterica

HoboDarkseid and TimeLostBatman are the latest examples of fan-fiction transmedia hijacking brand name properties from the corporate establishment. Each of these Twitter accounts takes on the personality of a comic book character and adds their own wacky dialogue to the twitterverse. DC would never have Batman philosophizing with Aristotle or kicking ass in Sodom and […]

Doom Patrol is messing with my mind!?

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Thanks to a suggestion from my Fat Jack’s buddy, Brendan, I have started reading Grant Morrison’s run on the DC series Doom Patrol from the early ’90s. What would happen if a piece from the Tree of Knowledge from the Garden of Eden was taken by an angel and planted on a far off planet? […]

Growing Up Comix

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So I am busting my hump getting ready for my first solo art show. Who knew that mounting a show was so time consuming? Frames, mattes, shipping?! Oy Vey!! I am exhibiting almost 50 pieces that I have made since 1985. Although, truth be told, the fact that I now wear bifocals and can say […]