My Harvey Year – Part II

Posted by on Jun 11, 2010 in Comix

The untitled graphic novel that I am working on with Harvey Pekar is moving along nicely. Working with Harvey is a pleasure. He calls me about once or twice a week to check in and/or read me new versions of the script. He’s always gracious on the phone and I am always smiling when I hang-up with him. People seem to be surprised when I tell them how nice Harvey is. I mean, he calls me boychik! I wonder if he’s mellowing with age or his public persona is just “warped” from decades of media depiction. He’s nowhere near the curmudgeon that he seems like in film and in print. He’s like the storytelling, encyclopedic uncle I never had. Add to the mix an amazing editor in NYC, and a no-nonsense letterer in Nova Scotia and we’ve got quite the merry band working on this project. Stay tuned for more updates in the months ahead. I am happy to report that it’s full steam ahead!