Some more experiments not including beakers

Posted by on Jan 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

So in this post I’d like to see if the styling and links come through to the mothership. The whole string theory idea was kinda debunked by my buddy Brad. My interpretation was more fiction than science. But I still think it’s a cool idea. If there are 11 simultaneous realities at every moment and point in space then exponentially there more than 5,000,000 possible outcomes to your day, your thoughts, the weather?! So if that’s the case, why hold onto the thoughts about work, or stress about the economy when there are so many other possible thoughts to have!? This idea has been a helpful to me in terms of letting go of heavy thoughts or negative patterns that my brain slips into.

So it would appear that the blog posts get pulled in after a periodof time?

And that It will compress the posts if i hit the enter button too much.