My Favorite DCNU Comix

Posted by on Nov 14, 2011 in Comix
My Favorite DCNU Comix

I’ve been slow to comment on the new DC comix. In some cases I’ve had to reread issues to get the full scope and in other cases I feel like I actually would like a refund but I’m too lazy to bother. Far and way my favorite book is Batwoman, but it doesn’t really count, so I take that out of my top 10 listing. So here we go:

1. Flash (Thinking faster than moving and AMAZING ART!)

2. Animal Man (Creepy and fun and all that a comic book should be!)

3. Wonder Woman (Amazing Art and the story is ok so far)

4. Action Comic (took 3 times to read this one to actually like it)

5. Red Hood and The Outlaws (for the shear offensiveness of it)

6. Batgirl ( just curious to see where this goes, solid art)

7. Green Lantern Corps (pretty art, less annoying than Hal Jordan these days)

8.¬†Stormwatch (like watching a horrible movie adaptation of your favorite book get ruined but you can’t help but love it)

9. Shade ( not sure if this can count since it’s not ongoing)

10. Justice League (because it feels like adolescent pornostalia)

This is only after 2 months of reading, so stay tuned to see if there were any revisions.