Thoughts about San Diego Comic–Con 2012

Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Comix
Thoughts about San Diego Comic–Con 2012

Ed Brubaker, Eisner Award winning comix author said last week at Tr!ckster, “It’s not really Comic-Con anymore, it’s IP-Con!” Oh no, not another blog post lamenting the “good ol’ days” when San Diego Comic-Con was an intimate affair of a few thousand geeks?! Indeed, SDCC is not the comic book convention you once knew. Artist […]

Not The Israel My Parents Promised Me Promo Tour

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Not The Israel My Parents Promised Me Promo Tour

After four years of development and the passing of my collaborator and friend, my second graphic novel is about to drop. On July 3rd, 2012 the book will be available to all. It’s a bittersweet time that also marks two years since Harvey’s passing, so it’s a strange mix of pride and sadness. I hope […]

Knee Deep in the Wire

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Knee Deep in the Wire

After years of putting it off, I have finally begun watching the famed HBO series that unearths the layers of Baltimore life. The show has some amazing editing and cinematography. I especially like the jump cuts that leap to the different characters in symbolic ways, coffee cups becoming hub-caps, cans being shipping containers or beer. […]

My Harvey Year: Part III

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I just got the news. I’m actually shaking as I type these words. My role model, my friend, and my collaborator is gone. We hadn’t spoken in a week because of the 4th of July holiday. I was planning on calling him this afternoon to discuss pages 65-100 of the script. I miss your voice […]

Happy Purim!

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As the full moon ascends we celebrate the topsy turvy nature of life with Purim. This holiday is the Jewish spin on a global rejoicing of the Spring to come. Persian New Year, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras and Purim coincide by weeks as each culture celebrates the fool as the king and then imbibe […]

Picture Superiority

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More people are talking about how neuroscientists are finding that information is more effectively recalled when the ideas are delivered as text and pictures instead of text by itself. Not only does this point to the secrets of Steve Jobs PowerPoint presentations, it also points to why I always think of a fallen Professor X […]

Go Micro!

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Go Micro!

With the success of District 9-props to VFS alumni who worked on the film-a new creative path has been blazed. An FX designer had a dope idea and executed it amazingly. No need for a resume, maybe just the right connections…and boom, a micro movie is transformed into an international box office smash. The success […]

iphone WordPress doesn’t like me

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Apologies for the delayed reactions and slow going on the blog posts. I have been a busy bee and have had limited access to the laptop. No problem, the handy little iphone has a WordPress application. Sweet! But alas, I can’t seem to make the thing work because the 2 posts I wrote on the […]

NYCComicCon and Miami Fun

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So last weekend I bopped around the east coast. On Friday I went to the NYC ComicCon, ran into a long lost friend from college and generally had a swell time. Then I headed down to sunny Miami where I hung with some more friends and their awesome little kids. I was invited by Temple […]