A Miners’ Town
Visual design and illustration for Marc Silver’s album, A Miners’ Town.

With A Miners’ Town, Marc tells of semi-fictional tales inspired by the sights, sounds, and testimonials of people affected by the shale mining (extraction) industries. His stories are also personal, semi-biographical, and relate to the struggles of equal rights, coming out, and religious persecution of the LGBT community by religious leaders. The messages are subtle at times, direct at others, but all come from hours of introspection, research, and personal experiences. The sounds and message may be dark, but listen for the glimmers of hope too.

As visual designer of the album I wanted the imagery to be subtle, hand-made and powerful, much like the music from A Miners’ Town. Since his music is so narrative, highlighting Marc’s lyrics with imagery that helps establish a tone and intimate feel for the listener was my primary goal.

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