From persona generating and wireframes, to journey maps and paper prototypes, I know how to build software, digital marketing campaigns and migration plans. I’m full of skills and ideas relating to:

  • digital content strategy
  • user experience and interaction design
  • project management in print and on the Web
  • converting use cases into easily understood visualizations and narratives
  • structuring data, creating interfaces, and developing roll-out plans for large and complex datasets
  • user testing, persona generation, paper prototyping and requirements gathering
  • creative direction, business design, and translating abstract business goals into project plans, branding collateral and all the documentation you need for success
  • adept in the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign)
  • experience managing projects in Flash,, Drupal, WordPress, and html

Here’s an example of an educational microsite/infographic that I was the content manager and project manager of.

Here’s a blog dedicated to educational technology and innovation in the Jewish non-profit sector that I managed from 2007-2010.


Here’s a comix narrative (IE use case) I created for a software application before it was developed.